Welcome to Magical Ink Media!

A grumpy dwarf, a benevolent villainess bent on world domination, and a steampunk librarian…what could go wrong?

Magical Ink Media is the collaborative effort of three authors–Mary Ruth Pursselley, H. A. Titus, and L. N. Weldon.

It started as the idea for a podcast, but slowly grew into an all-encompassing…thing. Kind of like the Blob, but not quite so goopy. We decided that between the three of us, we had all the skills necessarily to self-publish stories, so why not work together and get a few things out in the world?

Thus, Magical Ink Media was born. Together, we’ve been known to level city blocks, rain destruction upon wayward romance novels, and generally emit insane amounts of weirdness and geekiness. Occasionally we manage to come up with an idea we think is halfway decent–we hope you’ll think so, too!

Thank you for joining us on the journey!

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